Pine Lane Nursery carries a wide variety of seeds, annuals, herbs, vegetables, and more every spring and summer!


Pine Lane Nursery is proud to carry a wide variety of local, organic, and GMO-free seeds.  We carry hundreds of seed varieties ranging from herbs, vegetables, flowers and grasses.  Pine Lane features Botanical Interests Seeds and BBB Seeds, both locally owned and operated here in Colorado.

Seeds allow gardeners to get a head start on the growing season by starting seeds indoors or in a green house in late winter or early spring.  Seed can also be sowed directly outside later in the season.  Pine Lane also offers a wide variety of supplies to start seeds, including seed starting kits, seedling soil, tools and gloves.


Annuals, which need to be replanted every year, are the perfect way to add pops of color to your outdoor space!

Pine Lane Nursery is famous for our annual hanging baskets.  Every year we search far and wide to create the most spectacular combinations for the upcoming year.  Pine Lane Nursery grows over 1,500 annual hanging baskets every year- you are sure to find the perfect size and color combination for your outdoor space!  Once we design plans for all of our annual hanging baskets, we find the highest quality plants, soil and baskets.  Supplies arrive in January and February and the planting begins!  Annual hanging baskets are ready for purchase beginning in April or May (weather depending!)

Vegetables & Herbs

Our greenhouses are full of vegetable, herb and annual plants throughout spring.  Pine Lane Nursery carries several varieties of tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, kale, corn, peas, beans and more.  Herbs in the greenhouse include basil, rosemary, mint, thyme, parsley, cilantro and chives.  We carry organic options in both vegetables and herb plants.
Mighty Matos are a favorite at Pine Lane Nursery.

Mighty Matos are tomato plants which are grafted on to stronger, more resilient root stocks.  This allows for improved growth, greater yields, and healthier plants and tomatoes!  Normally Mighty Matos yield 3-4 times as much fruit as a typical tomato plant!  Mighty Matos are more resistant to environmental stress, disease processes, and insects