The Wholesale Division is dedicated to our Landscaping Partners

The season at Pine Lane Nursery is off to a great start.  Ben Warner is in charge of our wholesale division and is constantly working to improve our relationship with you, our wholesale clientele.

Ben is highly focused optimizing the operations for this important segment of our business.  He has worked in nurseries and also as a landscaper so he knows what is important to you.  With his experience, he has instituted several efficiencies at PLN:

  • Time is money!
    • We have built a new Wholesale office back in the loading area in an effort to separate the Wholesale and Retail business and to get you in and out quickly.
    • Ben is approachable and encourages you to reach out to him directly.   You can place orders with him early so the yard team can get your order pulled before you arrive:
  • There’s a new traffic flow!
    • Instead of pulling into the main office up front, we now ask all landscapers to head straight back on Apache to the 3rd driveway.  Pull in to the right and you will see the new wholesale office on the left.  Stop there if you need to place or pay for your order.  If you placed your order in advance, then pull forward for loading.
  • Information is key!
    • Ben will be sending you updates on new arrivals each week direct to your email.  If you need this information to go to other emails as well, please make sure that we have this information in our system.  From time to time he will be adding tips and tricks specific to your business, new plant introductions, good substitution plants for you to consider, etc.
    • We have created a Wholesale Satisfaction Survey which will help us shape our improvements to better serve you.  Please take a few moments to fill out the survey and let us know exactly what you need.

We look at you as our business partner, and it is our honor when you look at us as yours