June Tree of the Month: 20% off!

The June Tree of the Month is the Canada Red Chokecherry!

The Chokecherry will be 20% off all month long!

The Canada Red Chokecherry is a particularly hardy ornamental tree that thrives along the Front Range of Colorado.  The chokecherry will reach a height of 25 feet and will grow to be 20 feet wide.  At Pine Lane Nursery, the Canada Red Chokecherry is available in both multi-stem and single trunk tree forms. 

In early spring, green leaves emerge alongside fragrant white flowers.  The flowers are tubular shaped and often attract butterflies.  As previously mentioned, the flowers are fragrant and bountiful, offering wonderful spring interest.  As summer approaches, the green foliage changes to a deep maroon color.  The flowers also change to small green fruit.  The Chokecherry’s foliage remains maroon through summer and fall.  The fruit grows up to ½” and attracts birds throughout summer. 

The Canada Red Chokecherry prefers full sun, but will also thrive in partial sun.  The chokecherry is highly adaptable to different soil types, and has low to medium water needs.  The Canada Red Chokecherry is a Zone 2- it can tolerate temperatures as low as -50F. 

Plants purchased at 20% discount do not include a warranty.