As Autumns go in Colorado, what a warm and wonderful one this has been. It has, however, been quite dry which is a good reminder to get the water hoses out and start winter watering!
This time of year we find ourselves looking forward to so much at the nursery. We are gearing up for the holiday season which includes the arrival of fresh cut Christmas Trees, Boughs & Wreaths. Our Gift Shop is billowing with a shimmering array of home & gift items, and our annual Holiday Open House is set for Saturday, December 4th. As we wrap up the growing season we turn our focus during the winter months on property and operational enhancements for next season. Speaking of next season, if there are specific plants you would like us to consider carrying, now would be an excellent time to let us know as we prepare for next year’s inventory.
November Hours:
Monday – Friday 9-5, Saturday – Sunday 10-4

3 Things to know about PLN this month

christmas tree farm

  1. Holiday Gift items are arriving every day.
  2. Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Poinsettias and Paperwhites arrive close to Thanksgiving week.
  3. Hours are slightly reduced but we are OPEN every day (M/F 9-5, S/S 10-4). Extended holiday hours will kick in after Thanksgiving.



Tree wrap is used to prevent Sunscald which usually occurs during winter and early spring. Intense sunlight warms the surface of the trees to the point of stimulating cell activity in the bark. A sudden drop in temperature at night can cause damage to the tree resulting in a condition known as Sunscald. Tree wrap is necessary for not only newly planted trees, but also thin barked trees like soft maple, honeylocust, and crabapples. Wrap after the first hard frost to Easter!

Garden Thymes with Jackie

November Edition
“Two sounds of autumn are unmistakable, the hurrying rustle of crisp leaves blown along the street or road by a gusty wind, and the gabble of a flock of migrating geese. Both are warnings of chill days ahead, fireside and topcoat weather.”
General Landscaping
  • Final fall clean-up!
  • After a hard frost wrap your tree trunks to prevent winter Sunscald damage.
  • Fertilize your lawn with Jirdon’s Winterizer.  
  • Blow out your sprinklers!!!
Shrubs, Perennials & Bulbs
  • You still have time to plant spring blooming bulbs
  • Paperwhites & amaryllises are classic holiday flowers. They take 4-6 weeks to bloom from bulbs so start them in mid- late November for holiday color.
Veggies, Fruit & Herbs
  • Extend your season by adding a cold frame around your cool season crops
  • Plant garlic bulbs
  • Mulch root veggies for harvest through the winter
Check out our Tips for Winter Success for more details!!  
Quote of the month:
The last month of Autumn, but the beginning of a new adventure.
Time to take risks and do the unexpected.