10 Things to Know about Pine Lane Nursery and Tree Farm

Pine Lane Nursery and Tree Farm has been in business since 1983!  Throughout the years, we have learned countless lessons and we continue to strive to improve year to year.    

With that being said, there are several things that set our tree farm apart from the rest.  Here are 10 things to know about Pine Lane Nursery and Tree Farm!    

1. Pine Lane Nursery is a 9 acre property!  We are proud to say our entire lot is covered in plant materials, from #1 perennials to 10 ft tall Colorado Blue Spruces.  We have 9 greenhouses filled with grasses, roses, shrubs, perennials, annuals and hanging baskets.  We carry small container trees and large ball and burlapped trees.  

2. We purchase our plant materials from local growers as much as possible!  If a plant is not available locally, we look for growers who have similar climates to Parker, Colorado in order to ensure plant health and success.  All plant material is inspected by our general manager upon arrival.

3. We are a family owned and operated business.  There is always a member of the Hughes family on site at Pine Lane!  Our fellow employees are vital members of the Pine Lane family and we all take pride in our nursery and tree farm.

4. Pine Lane offers planting, delivery and design services!  We strive to offer all of the necessary services to our customers in order to make the design and planting process as easy as possible. 

5.  We offer a generous warranty on junipers, grasses, trees and shrubs purchased at retail prices.  We are able to offer such because we are confident in the health of our plants.

6.  Our staff grows a wide variety of our own perennials and shrubs- this way they are perfectly adapted to our weather and climate.

7. We offer a discount to active military, veterans, seniors, and “Plant Freaks”!

8. At Pine Lane Nursery, we only carry plants that are zoned for our area.  This helps to ensure plant success!

9. Our Tree Farm is open 7 days a week during spring, summer and fall!

10.  Our staff members LOVE plants!  They have a wealth of knowledge and expertise regarding every plant on our property.  We do not work on commission- we are simply here to help!

See you soon!


Pine Lane Nursery and Tree Farm Staff