Branching Out Parker- let the town of Parker help pay for your new tree!

This spring, the town of Parker is continuing the Branching Out Program.  Branching Out Parker is a tree grant program to encourage planting throughout town.  The goal of this project is to not only improve the environment with new trees, but to also enhance neighborhoods and communities.  If your application is approved, you will be eligible to receive a reimbursement of up to $300 or 50% of the cost of your tree and installation.  Branching Out Parker is funded by developer impact fees.    
  • Who’s eligible?
    • All single-family, owner occupied residential lots/units within the Town limits are eligible to participate for a maximum of one application per program year.
  • What plants and costs are eligible for reimbursement?
    • Tree species off the Parker Recommended Tree list
    • Newly planted trees must have permanent automatic irrigation
    • Plant cost and installation costs are eligible for reimbursement 
  • Application Requirements
    • Proof of property ownership
    • Drawing of proposed tree planting site
    • Location, size and species of tree
    • Indemnification and Release Agreement
    • Terms and conditions
  • Application process
    • Applications are open April 1st, 2017 and close June 9th, 2017
    • Your application must be approved prior to purchase in  order to be eligible for reimbursement
    • Send in your receipt and approval letter by November 3rd to receive reimbursement

For more information or to start your application visit