Christmas Open House

Start a new tradition! 
Why not have a “living” Christmas tree this year? 
Live Christmas Trees
Planting Tips
  1. Keep the tree indoors for as short a time as possible less than a week is best.
  2. Water twice a week while indoors.  Misting the needles also helps.
  3. After Christmas move the tree to the garage for several days before planting.
  4. Plant as soon as practical after Christmas. 
  5. Plant into non-frozen soil if possible – mulch will prevent soil from freezing.
  6. Water heavily at planting and once a month for the rest of the winter, unless you get heavy wet snows.
  7. Plant tree at same depth as the plant was originally in container and 6-8″ further than the radius of container.  Add compost (mix 1/3 compost to the 2/3rd of your soil. Finally add mulch around the tree.
  8. Always handle the tree very carefully to prevent disturbing the roots within the ball.