New Trees at Pine Lane Nursery Spring 2017

  This year at Pine Lane Nursery we are bringing in many new varieties of trees suitable for the Colorado landscape. These trees are on opportunity to add some diversity to your neighborhood. With so many options to choose from here is a list of the new trees Pine Lane is offering for Spring 2017.


Whitespire Birch: A columnar Birch species perfect for a small space. Best grown in a medium to wet location. Great fall color with chalky white bark.

-40’H X 15’W

-Zone 3

– Yellow fall color

 Whitespire Birch at Pine Lane Nursery

Young’s Birch: Weeping birch tree with white bark. Perfect specimen tree because of its unique growth habit.  

-10’H X 15’W

-Zone 2

–  Yellow fall color


Purple Catalpa: A large shade tree with very large “˜elephant ear’ leaves. New leaves in the spring emerge dark purple and as the leaves mature they turn dark green. Drought tolerant.

–  40’H X 40’W

–  Zone 5

–  Yellow fall color

–  Showy white flowers


Donald Wyman Crabapple: Beautiful white flowers in spring. Bright red crabapples that mature in the fall and persist through the winter providing year round interest. Disease resistant.

–  20’H X 20’W

–  Zone 4

–   Orange/ Yellow fall color

–  White flowers

 Donald Wyman Crabapple at Pine Lane Nursery

Red Jewel Crabapple: Smaller crabapple tree great for small spaces. Flower blossoms emerge pink and turn to white as they flower. Most persistent red fruit of any crabapple.

–  15’H X 12’W

–  Zone 4

– Red fall color

-White flowers in spring

 Red Jewel Crabapple at Pine Lane Nursery

Lustre Hawthorn: A Washing Hawthorn hybrid. Showy white flowers in later spring. Beautiful red/purple fall color. Red berries that persist through the winter.  Can handle a wide range of soil conditions.

–  30’H X 25’W

–  Zone 4

–  Red/purple fall color

–  White flowers


Harvest Gold Linden: A low maintenance tree that keeps its pyramidal shape as it matures. Exfoliating bark and a splendid bright yellow fall color. Very fragrant flowers in summer.

–  40’H X 30’W

–  Zone 3

–  Fragrant flowers in mid summer

–  Yellow fall color

 Harvest Gold Linden at Pine Lane Nursery

Satin Shadow Linden: Very symmetrical branch structure. Most know for the silver underside of the leaf. Looks as if the tree is changing colors in the wind.

–  20’H X 15’W

–  Zone 4

–  Yellow fall color


Norwegian Sunset Maple: Upright oval shaped tree. Dark glossy leaves in the summer and turning into a glowing yellow/red fall color. Drought tolerant.

-35’H X 25’W

-Zone 4

-Yellow/red fall color

 Norwegian Sunset Maple at Pine Lane Nursery

Redpointe Maple: More slender pyramidal Maple. Bright red fall color. Fast growth rate. 

-45’H X 30’W

-Zone 5

-Red Fall Color


Chinkapin Oak: Large tree with a strong wide branch structure. Has a faster growth rate of approximately 12 inches per year (faster than most oak trees). Has larger leaves 4-6′ long.

–  50’H X 60’W

–  Zone 4

–  Yellow to orange fall color.

Chinkapin Oak Tree at Pine Lane Nursery

Forest Pansy Redbud: Beautiful rosy purple blooms on the branches, before the leaves emerge in the early spring. Leaves emerge purple and turn green in the summer. Yellow fall color.

–  30’H X 35’W

–  Zone 5

–  Rosy purple flower

–  yellow fall color


Lavender Twist Redbud: Umbrella shaped weeping redbud with twisting branches. Rosy pink flowers in early spring. Heart shaped leaves turning yellow in the fall.

–  6’H X 8’W

–  Zone 5

–  Yellow fall color

–  Rosy pink flower color

 Lavender Twist Redbud at Pine Lane Nursery

Flame Willow: A large shrub that can reach up to 20 feet tall. Bright orange to red branches add great winter interest. Fast growing and adaptable.

-20’H X 15’W

–  Zone 3

–  Yellow Fall Color


Rosita Filbert: Small tree perfect for small areas. Dark purple foliage throughout all summer, with a wine red color in the fall.

-12’H X 10’W

-Zone 4

–  Dark red fall color


Julianne Hers Lilac Tree: Small weeping structure. Large, purple, fragrant flowers like the typical lilac in early summer.

-10’H X 6’W

-Zone 4

–  Yellow fall color

–   Light Purple flower

Julianne Hers Lilac Tree at Pine Lane Nursery

Akebono Yoshino Cherry: A hybrid of the Japanese flowering cherry tree that is more cold hardy. Pink Flowers in early spring before the leaves emerge. Rounded growth habit.

–  25’H X 25’W

–  Zone 4

–  Yellow fall color


Red Fort McNair Horse Chestnut: Medium sized shade tree with a oval shape. Red flowers in mid spring. Does produce a prickly round fruit about an inch in size.

–  40’H X 30’W

–  Zone 5

–  Red Flowers

 Red Fort McNair Horse Chestnut at Pine Lane Nursery

Urban Pinnacle Bur Oak: Extremely hardy tree that can grow in most soil conditions. Great for street trees. Upright growth habit. Drought tolerant.

-55’H X 25’W

-Zone 3

 Urban Pinnacle Oak at Pine Lane Nursery

Tricolor Beech: Purple leaves with pink variegated margins makes this tree unlike any other. Oval shaped growth habit. Best grown in partial shade.

-30’H X 20’W

– Zone 4

–  Yellow Fall Color


European Weeping Larch: Irregular weeping shape with light green needles. The needles turn yellow in the fall and drop in the winter.

-8’H X 6’W

-Zone 3

–  Yellow Fall Color

 European Weeping Larch at Pine Lane Nursery

Corkbark Fir: Light blue needles similar to a Colorado Blue Spruce. Bark is light in color and soft. Large evergreen but slow glowing.

–  60’H X 40’W

–  Zone 3


Taylor Juniper: Extremely narrow evergreen great for screenings. Green foliage that is very dense. Great substitute for Arborvitae.

–   30’H X 3’W

–  Zone 3


Serbian Weeping Spruce: Weeping spruce with very narrow growth habit. The unusual shape makes this tree a great specimen tree.

-8’H X 2’W

–  Zone 4

Serbian Weeping Spruce at Pine Lane Nursery