Outdoor Living at Pine Lane Nursery

Perfect your outdoor living space at Pine Lane Nursery!

We are so excited to welcome some amazing new products to our shop this spring.  We have a wide array of fire pits, patio furniture, and pottery to add the perfect splash of color and style to any outdoor space.  We strive to find unique and quality products to fill our shop and we can’t wait to show you this spring.  We have multiple pallets of pottery new to the yard as well!  And don’t forget- Pine Lane Nursery is happy to plant up pottery for you this spring! 

UK Fire Pit

UK Fire Pits are handmade and make for a beautiful centerpiece for outdoor living.  They are made of 3mm or 5mm steel and finished with an oil rub ensuring they will last for year and years to come.  Entertain in your yard this year with a new fire pit, alongside a BBQ rack and marshmallow forks.  You can leave these steel fire pits outdoors all year round.  You can either re-apply oil to keep the finishe black look or let the steel oxidize to deep autumn.   

Truck Coolers


These rustic metal tables, chairs and coolers are handmade from recycled 44 gallon drums.  Their bright colors will spice up your yard in an instant! The coolers in this collection are insulated and big enough to hold all of your favorite beverages! 

(51 x 125 x 64cm)


Bistro Tables and Chairs

 See you soon!