Planting has begun!

Who else is enjoying this beautiful weather?!  February may have started with snow, but with afternoon temperatures in the 60s this week, we are happy to be working away outside!

Here is a quick update about what is happening at Pine Lane Nursery:

Last week, our team was at the ProGreen Expo in Denver absorbing all the newest horticulture information we could.  We learned the latest about planting, pruning, plant selection and being a better team.  We cannot wait to put these new skills to the test, and more importantly, we are excited to share all of this new information with all of our wonderful customers.  With this new information, we are planning for our best spring yet!  Stay tuned for updated customer handouts and instructions regarding watering, planting, and pruning.

This morning, planting officially started!  We have started planting up shrubs, perennials and our hanging baskets.  We are so excited to start seeing some green in the greenhouses in the coming weeks!  

Before we know it, semi-trucks of trees, shrubs, grasses and more will be arriving at Pine Lane Nursery.  We are excited to welcome some new plant varieties to the yard this spring.  We of course will also be receiving a bounty of our favorites;  Maples, Crabapples and Blue Spruces galore!  Make sure to stop by early this spring to get first pick!  We, as always, are happy to care for your plant selections here at the nursery until you are ready to plant.  Our planting crews will be up and running as weather permits.  

See you soon!  Happy planting!