Pine Lane Nursery offers planning services throughout Douglas County and the surrounding areas. Planting services are available for all plant material including perennials, shrubs, grasses and trees! Pine Lane also offers plant removal services.

Our planting crews are led by Juan & Gumaro- they have been planting for Pine Lane for over 20 years! Both Juan and Gumaro are essential members of our Pine Lane family, and their years of experience ensure your plant’s success. Our planting practices are based off of the CSU Horticultural Department planting guidelines. We constantly strive to say up to date with the newest research, for the best results possible!

Pine Lane Nursery Planting Crew

Planting services are offered primarily Monday through Friday, between 8am and 4pm. Pine Lane occasionally offers planting services on Saturdays during our peak season.
Planting fees are charged per plant, and are based on the size of the plant material. In addition to the planting charge, there is also a Delivery charge based on your zip code. The delivery charge gets Pine Lane’s truck, crew, tools and your plant material to your property. Stop by or give us a call anytime for specific pricing or an estimate at (303) 841-3009!

Here is what to expect if you decide to have Pine Lane Nursery plant for you:

  • At the time of purchase, you will receive the Pine Lane Nursery ‘Plant for Success’ starter kit! Within you kit you will find plant care information as well as white flags and/or orange tape. The white flags should be used to mark where you would like each plant planted. The orange tape may be used to mark any removals if applicable.
    • Please find the 'Plant For Succes' kit at the bottom of this page- just in case!
  • Next, Rachel, who schedules plantings, will submit an 811 Utility Locate for your planting site. Please make sure the planting area is easily accessible (no locked gates or animals in the yard) in order to facilitate locates for all utility lines!
  • Rachel will contact you thereafter to schedule your planting. We are happy to work with you to find the right date and time for planting. You are than welcome to be home at the time of planting, or the crew is able to rely on your white flags to ensure all plant material is installed in the correct location.
  • On the day of planting, the planting crew will arrive on site in one of our Pine Lane Nursery delivery trucks! They will then unload all plant material, complete any removals previously paid for and start planting! Planting includes digging the appropriate sized hole(s), amending the soil, and finishing the planting. If a water source and hose are accessible, the crew will also water in any plant material. At this point the crew will also stake any trees and shrubs if you, the customer, chose to add on this service. The crew will then clean up the site, and haul off all materials, such as excess soil or removed plant material.

Pine Lane Nursery Garden Center in Parker, CO

Pine Lane Nursery is a family owned, full service garden center in business since 1983. We offer an extensive inventory including fast growing trees, shrubs, and bushes from our tree farm (we bring in trees from Oregon, Idaho, Missouri and Colorado); beautiful annual and perennial plants (such as hibiscus); seasonal veggies for your vegetable garden, and much more!

Based in Parker, CO, Pine Lane Nursery services the surrounding areas of Centennial, Castle Rock, Denver, Aurora, Englewood, Highlands Ranch, and more. Need help with your garden design, on finding the right trees and shrubs for your landscape, or on choosing the best annual and perennial plants for your home? Call us at (303) 841-3009 or stop by the garden center today!