Protect your yard from voles!

This winter’s conditions have been ideal for voles- making them very happy but potentially leaving your yard and grass with damage!  Several snows this winter stuck around for several days to weeks.  This allowed voles to make their runways under the protection of the snow cover to feed.  For this reason, their damage is being seen all over Douglas County.  They like to snack on grass, tree and shrub bark, as well as bulbs.          

The best way to protect your property is prevention!  You can use products such as MoleMax or Plantskydd to keep the voles off your property.  


Plantskydd is organic and non-toxic, making it pet friendly!  It is used to deter the voles by its scent.  This granular product can be sprinkled throughout your property, in particular, along the edges to deter the voles.  Plantskydd will also keep other small critters away, such as rabbits.    

MoleMax is a castor oil based product that can be applied directly to the vole tunnel areas.  This will make the vole’s stomach upset and they will venture elsewhere.  You can also use classic mousetraps to trap the voles.




It may also be useful to simply remove the snow from your yard, particularly in shady areas where it takes longer to melt.  

Once you have eliminated the problem, you may need to repair the damage.  Bare spots in the yard can be over seeded to promote new grass growth.  All you need is topsoil and grass seed! For more information, feel free to contact us!    

MoleMax, Plantskydd and grass seed can be purchased at Pine Lane Nursery.