Spring arrivals to Pine Lane Nursery

Trees, Shrubs and more are arriving at Pine Lane Nursery!
Spring is in just a few days, and spring fever is definitely starting to show here at the nursery.  For the past few weeks we have been super busy unloading new plant material and pottery for the upcoming season.  For regular updates for what has landed, follow us on Facebook!  Here is a list of some of the plants that have arrived this week:
Chanticleer Pears
Cleveland Pears
Aristocrat Pears
Autumn Blaze Maples
Deborah Maples
Baby Blue Eyes Spruce
Fat Albert Spruce
Vanderwolf Pines
Container Conifers
Glob Spruces
Mugo Pines
Western Catalpas
Spring Snow Crabapples
Radiant Crabapples
Prairefire Crabapples
Honeycrisp Apple Trees
Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry
Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass
& A wide variety of shrubs!
Our perennials and hanging baskets continue to grow in the green houses- we are seeing more and more blooms every day!  Hanging baskets should be full and blooming in the next few weeks.  
Veggie starters, herbs and annuals will begin arriving mid-April!
Pottery, outdoor furniture and gifts have also arrived!  We are expecting to be fully stock my mid-April!
We are so excited for the upcoming season and we can’t wait to show our customers all of the amazing new items we have.  See you soon!