Spring is right around the corner at Pine Lane Nursery!

We are (almost) done with our winter projects here at the nursery!  4 new greenhouses are up which will allow us to get started earlier than normal on planting!  We also have officially made 104 new display tables for the greenhouses and back patios.  A few splinters and a lot of sawdust later, we are excited to get them filled with blooming plants in the coming months.  Pine Lane is starting to look ready for SPRING! 

Next up, planting!  We will begin planting shrubs, perennials, and hanging baskets in the next few weeks- can you believe it is already that time?!  We are all ready to get back outside and get our hands in the dirt.  With that being said, this is the time to consider having Pine Lane Nursery plant your planters for spring!  You can either bring your own pots into Pine Lane or purchase new pottery from the nursery.  Next, we will explore colors and designs with you to understand exactly what you are looking for.  Leave the rest to us!  We will fill your planters with rich soil and variety of plants.  They will be watered and cared for in our greenhouses until spring! We will get custom pots planted in the next few weeks so they are lush and blooming by May!  

If you have spring on the mind as much as we do, now is the time to stop by the nursery for design assistance.  At this time of year, we are able to allocate more time to individually working with customers on ideas and designs for projects this spring and summer.  Once spring hits, it gets more and more challenging to hold onto one of us for too long!  So if you have plans to landscape, plant or design an outdoor space this spring, start early.  You are more than welcome to stop by any time for advice and ideas!  As many of you may know, Jackie is our resident design specialist.  She has AMAZING ideas for any space, and she is eager to get her hands dirty for another year at Pine Lane.  You can reach her at Jackie@pinelanenursery.com to schedule a time or just stop in!

Thanks for checking in with Pine Lane Nursery!  We cannot wait to see your smiling faces and the SUN soon!