Start your seeds early to get a jump start on spring!

Seeds are arriving at Pine Lane Nursery!  

We have all the supplies and information you need to start your own seeds at home to get a head start on spring.

We have a large variety of vegetable and herb seeds from Botanical Interests, a local company here in Colorado.  Botanical Interests carries over 600 varieties of seed, all of which are GMO free.  They also carry certified organic seed varieties.  

In addition, Pine Lane Nursery carries all of the other supplies needed to get your seedlings started.  We have several options for soils, fertilizers, seed starter kits and a bounty of information to share with you.

For more information, we encourage you to check out for tips on starting seeds and to learn more about their wonderful company!

We will also be hosting a seed starter class here at the nursery, free of charge!  However, in order to ensure a successful learning environment, we can only accommodate groups of 10 people.  If you are interested in signing up for a seed starting class, please email info@pinelanenursery.  More details to come!