How to Water Newly Planted Trees in Spring and Summer


You just got a new tree… now what?

Trees are a great investment for your property and can bring wonderful shade, color and joy to your outdoor space.  When trees are first planted, the process can be stressful for the plant.  Therefore, we want to do everything possible to take care of the tree to avoid causing further stress.  A healthy tree is a happy tree!  A healthy basis will promote new growth, fight potential disease or insects, and most importantly, live!

We follow Colorado State University’s recommendations for watering newly planted trees.

Newly planted trees require approximately 10 gallons of water per caliber of trunk per week.  This is best broken up into 3-4 watering events during the week.  

For example, a 2″ Autumn Blaze Maple will need roughly 20 gallons of water per week.  This can be broken up into 3 watering events of 6-7 gallons of water.  

Watering slowly is best.  It is important to keep in mind any extra water the tree may be receiving from sprinklers, rain, drips lines, etc.      

However, it is essential to remember these are simply recommendations.  It is important to keep in mind that every tree is different!  Some trees are planted in sandy soil, while others are planted in thick clay.  The most accurate way to understand the water needs of your tree is to monitor it’s conditions during the first few weeks after planting.

When the tree is initially planted, it should be well soaked with a hose.  Within the next few days, dig down 2-3″ around the root ball to feel the soil.  Dry?  Water again!  Still wet?  Wait a few more days and check again.  This will ensure your tree is not receiving too much or too little water.  



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