Marketing / Event Coordinator / Community Outreach

Introducing Dena Singh, our dedicated team member who plays a vital role in ensuring that we are continuously engaged with the community. With a strong background in corporate environments, Dena brings her exceptional people skills and business acumen to support us in various areas, including maintaining a well-informed wholesale and retail customer base and creating our event calendar for the year.

Beyond her professional contributions, Dena’s love of nature is at the core of who she is. Believing that nature holds the key to recharging one’s batteries, she finds solace in her own garden, taking care of her cherished chickens, and tending to the bee hive area. These nature-centered activities not only bring her joy but also fuel her passion for spreading awareness and appreciation for the natural world.

If you happen to cross paths with Dena in the nursery, she may kindly ask you to “LIKE” or “FOLLOW” us on various platforms. Her enthusiasm for promoting our business and engaging with the community is unmatched. Aligning her passion for nature and her desire to keep our valued customers updated and informed, Dena exemplifies the spirit and dedication of our Pine Lane family.