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Winter Water Care for Maples


While maples grow well in Colorado, they are native to areas with consistent soil moisture throughout the year (specifically the winter months). Maples start moving their sap early in the year, February/March, if the tree has insufficient water during this time the tree will create a sap seal and the branches beyond the seal will die back. Recommended watering guidelines: 10 gallons of water per caliper (diameter) inch per week (example: 2″ caliper tree= 20 gallons per week). It will be imperative that the tree is watered at a minimum of twice a month starting when you blowout your irrigation in fall and through February. Starting in March, it will need to be watered once a week, and in April you should start your summer watering schedule (3 times a week). Please keep in mind that snow does not count as watering unless it’s a very heavy spring snow. You’ll need to fertilize the tree 3 times (April, May, June) and make sure it’s on a regular watering schedule.